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Sierra Smokehouse BBQ
The Original Home of Award Winning, Southern Style BBQ with a “California Twist”!
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We’re very sad to announce that we’ve decided to close our little business, Sierra Smokehouse BBQ. The challenges of ever increasing food costs, especially in the proteins that we featured, the paperwork and cost of necessary business-related items like insurance coverages, licenses, permits and taxes and finding/keeping enough responsible employees to justify the past and upcoming mandated wage increases have proven to be too much for the business to continue.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Sierra Smokehouse BBQ for over 9 years. To those of you who came into our restaurant and to those who invited us to cater special moments in your lives, a big THANK YOU!! It’s been fun to watch our little business grow into its’ own entity. From a time that no one could remember our name to now just being referred to as ‘The Smokehouse’, we’ve met a lot of great people who have become more than customers. We consider all of you our friends.

We’re very proud of the recognition that we’ve received since we opened in 2008. These include keeping a 4.5+ Star rating for over 9 years from 250+ combined reviews on Yelp/Facebook/Google/Trip Advisor and others, being recognized by readers of Folsom Magazine, Style Magazine, SF Gate/SF Chronicle and the KCRA A List as their favorite BBQ restaurant, being selected by food writer Alan Pierleoni from the Sac Bee as one of his top 10 reviewed restaurants of 2015 noting that we had “the meatiest, most perfectly cooked ribs that I have eaten in a long time.”, being featured in articles published in Folsom Lake Magazine, Folsom Lake Entertainer, Style Magazine, the Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Magazine and our most recent kudos for being named the 2017 Best of the Best in El Dorado Hills which included receiving a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate signed by Senator Ted Gaines. Note that we never asked for reviews, posted window stickers to be liked/friended/reviewed or participated in marketing programs offered to advertise a campaign to win votes. Everything written about us and all votes for us came from the hearts of those who came into our restaurant. We thank you all for taking your personal time to review or vote for us.

Additionally, we never bought into exclusive provider marketing programs as we always wanted to be able to select the best of the best meats. Choosing to participate in these programs limits your selection to what the provider stocks as you’re required to purchase all your product from them.

We’re also proud to say that we always met our obligations to our clients, service providers, creditors and employees. We’ve never left a bill unpaid or asked anyone to delay cashing a check. We close owning all our equipment and without any debt from the restaurant. Not to say it wasn’t tough as nearly all of Heidi’s bonuses from her employer for the past nine years were invested into our business.

Important to all of you, we passed every single kitchen inspection without a violation of any type.

Only since closing the restaurant we are now hearing about a few recent negative customer service and/or food experiences. To all of you who had such an experience at Sierra Smokehouse BBQ, we sincerely apologize as our intent from the very beginning was to provide the best “Mom & Pop” experience that we possibly could. It’s now obvious that as our business grew we lost control of the important parts that brought people back to Sierra Smokehouse BBQ.

On the flip side, we’ve appreciated the numerous calls and emails from folks who have told us how much they enjoyed our food and how much we’ll be missed. An old employee of ours came by to express his feelings about working for us and what he learned from us by watching how we operated our business based on sticking to and never wavering from our business principals. It’s these sentiments that make us feel like we did some good over the past 9 years.

But at the end of this run that took us from a catering only business using other kitchens (a big thanks to Susan from Himalaya’s) to our own, small 13 seat location on Merrychase to the expansion to our final 42 seat location, the financial return for the time commitment from both Heidi and I proved to be too small and the stress of continuing the high level of expectations we had for our business proved to be too high.

We’re not sure what the future holds for Sierra Smokehouse BBQ. Not sure if we will still cater special events as we need a licensed kitchen to work from. What we do know is that we won’t miss the physical, mental and relationship stress caused by operating the business. What we will miss, however, will be the interactions with all of you.


Ed & Heidi Anhorn